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Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast

Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast

Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast is a game on Facebook made by Funtactix also available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and Kindle Fire. It can also be used or available to anyone with a Facebook account or an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, or Kindle Fire. Players can create their own character, complete challenges, do quests, unlock new things, and explore the world of Panem. The game was released on the same day as the film on  March 23, 2012.

Development of this Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast game ceased circa late 2017. The Journey Begins – The game start with a tutorial with Katniss and Peeta, in which the player receives a bow and arrows to defend themselves and fend off a scavenger mutt, as well as meet Peeta at the Bakery and unlawfully exchange meat and bread.

About Hunger Games Cast

The player starts by construction in hunger games 3 cast, beautifying, and using the shelter in their forest escape. The player is introduced to Gale Hawthorne, who teaches how to hunt in order to survive the harsh living conditions of District 12.

Katniss explains in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast that the player a song sung by her father, and brings the player to the unlawful black market in their district, the Hob, to trade with Rummage and Raab, and fix Moira’s stand. Katniss then displays the player the lake in the woods, where her father would take her to when she was younger. They have a skill a fishing pole, and then the player banishes a swarm of Tracker Jackers. Finally the player gather comestible plants and constructs a well in their forest escape.

Different Chapters

The player meets in cast of the hunger games: catching fire Primrose at the Layer when a neighboring house belonging to Mr. Bates collapses. Prim and Peeta save and heal the people inside and with the help of the player, rebuild the house. Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast as Peeta then meets a starving girl at the Bakery named Sorrel, who is fed bread and milk by the player.

Chapter 1

The player then meets Haymitch Abernathy at the Hob, prepares him a flask of coffee, and in reappearance gets told about the Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast . Katniss then meets up with the player and brings him/her to the lake where Snake mutts are fought, and where a package from a secretive sponsor has appeared. The two then go to the Justice Building and take out a portion of tesserae.

Chapter 2

When two children, Laurel and Oliver, go missing in the woods, Gale and the player path them down and bring them to their mother, Elena. detonation occurs at the mine later, and with the help of Prim and Peeta, the stuck miners Locke, Clay, and Grady are brought to safety, and Prim brings them to her mother to be treated. Buttercup, Prim’s cat, then goes misplaced in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast , but is saved by the player and recovered at the playground.

Chapter 3

 Peeta asks for the players help in moist critical hunger games cleaning up the playground and planting flowers, and even retrieves a family of rabbits from the woods for the kids to play with. The player is then involuntary by Intermediaries to help prepare for the future gaining for the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss then explains in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast that Gale thinks the benefactor has haggard courtesy to the player and must escape District 12 and live in the Capitol, and secures a fake Capitol ID card for the player and sends him on a train bound for the Capitol, but obtains more gifts from his unknown sponsor at the playground.

Chapter 4

Upon arriving at the Capitol in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast , the player directly meets Effie Trinket, who rentals the player as her individual associate, and gives the initial task of recovering her schedule that she accidentally threw in the trash. She then asks Cinna, the stylist for the District 12 tributes, for a new wig for the reaping in District 12, which the player is tasked with creating. Cinna then asks if the player will save rare jewels for him in the Capitol woods, but instead, finds two runaways from District 3.

Chapter 5

 Amber Dymond and her son Surge. The Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast player banishes a scorpion mutt threatening them, and settles them afterward. Taking pity on the family, Cinna and the player help make the family a shelter and provide them with food, to allow them to live safely in the Capitol woods. The Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast player sets a lure of meat and constructs a mossy arrowhead to attract and banish the scorpion mutts for good.

Chapter 6

When a backer gift seems at Amber’s shelter, the sponsor teaches the player to contribution Seneca Crane with his research on the hunger games memes, and the player helps Seneca save flame samples from the arena to use as fireballs in the games. The player in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast then helps make new flora designs for the arena, and tests out the fireball effect, which demonstrates successful.

Chapter 7

The player in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast also performs in contradiction of an initial mutt which is easily beaten, which Seneca wants to upgrade. The player in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast then practices against four types at once: Tracker Jackers along with scorpion, vulture, and wolf mutts.

Chapter 8

After completing the work with Seneca, Cinna will ask the player to help him design the outfits prepared for the tributes for District 12, which he was assigned. Collecting Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast in the right materials and dyes, the player transports them to Cinna, who creates two leather clothes specially designed to literally light on fire when presented. Cinna will then ask for the flame samples the player gave Seneca for his research to complete a new dress for the female tribute, which will allow the dress to catch on fire when twirled. After doing so, Cinna thanks the player for their help and expectations to cooperate in the future.

Chapter 9

Seneca asks the player to help continue his research for the games. This time concerning Tracker Jackers, which he plans to use in the arena. Due to the dangerous populace of Tracker Jackers in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast , the player must travel to District 11 to complete the research, but runs into trouble on the mountains when the train breaks down. The player in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast then fixes the train and travels to District 11, where he/she meets Rue and helps her free her incorrectly suspect friends from prison and across the border of District 11.

Chapter 10

Upon successfully release Rue’s friends from Capitol custody, the player is presented to Thresh, who is willing to help hunger games meme so the player be-rid the Tracker Jacker population of District 11. Burning huge conflagrations in the woods with the help of Rue, the player drives off the mutts, but gain little research, much to Seneca’s dismay.

Hunger Games Adventures

Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast in which Caesar decides to shoot more scenes of the special at District 2, where the player encounters Cinder the gym teacher, and Cato and Clove. Currently, a career rivalry is taking place and the player agrees to help Ash, a career who’s partner backed out of the rivalry, and win against Cato and Clove, who take Ash’s belongings.

In a negotiation of cast of hunger games catching fire, the four return their gear and belongings. Ash reveals in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast that his brother, who had grown deathly ill, is the only reason why he has chosen to be a Career. The player must sneak into the Supply Depot in District 2 and retrieve a medicine remedy for Tor, Ash’s brother, which is made by Mrs. Everdeen at District 12, and given to Ash for Tor. After completing filming in District 2, Caesar and the film crew panel the train back to the Capitol, and the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games is held the next day.

Remaining Chapters

Set during the events of the first book, this chapter weaves into the main plot of the Hunger Games novel, primarily from the point in which the tributes arrive at the Capitol for the Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast themselves.

Chapter 11

While the player in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast has little interaction with most tributes, the focus is set in scenes filling in gaps in the books regarding the affairs of characters such as Effie, Haymitch and Cinna, such as helping Effie with a makeover stand subsequent the chariot parade, Cinna creating President Snow’s topiary garden, and assisting Haymitch in formulating a plan to use Peeta’s love for Katniss as a key part in earning sponsors.

Chapter 12

As the game progresses, the player in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast will finally secure an invitation to Snow’s ball at his mansion, where the mysterious benefactor asks for the plans for the 75th Hunger Games, which are stashed in the President’s study. The chapter then concludes with the Tribute interviews and Katniss and Peeta’s reactions, with the actual Hunger Games start the very next day.

Chapter 13

Also running alongside the book, this chapter in hunger games cato archives the first part of the Hunger Games and Katniss and Peeta’s star-crossed romance. District 4 is introduced in this chapter. In District 4, you met a girl called Nixie, and her father Reed. At first you help her save  people on the beach, who got stuck when a tsunami hit District 4 in Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast a week or so ago. Nixie works at a beach house in Victor’s Village, home of Mags, Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair. You eventually seek to acquire a Blue Fin Hogfish, which is used in making healing cream, so sponsors can send it to Katniss in the Games.

Chapter 14

In this chapter of Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast , you visit District 3, and meet locals Plex and Ether. First, Plex wants to move his workshop, which you help him with. Then you learn Ether has been raising a secret garden, which you help her acquire plants for.

Chapter 15

Katniss and Peeta have won the Hunger Games Catching Fire Cast . In this chapter you start by welcoming them back to the Capitol, then help them return to District 12 and move into the Victor’s Village. You also work to prevent Mediators from stripping houses used by citizens of District 12. This chapter covers through the end of the first book.

Chapter 16

This chapter covers the beginning of Catching Fire. You begin by serving with Katniss and Peeta’s Victory Tour in various behind the scenes ways. You then accompany them by their first stop in District 11.

This chapter takes place during the Victory Tour. You don’t stop at any new Districts, however, you do help Cinna design and build Katniss’ Mockingjay enthused wedding dress.

Chapter 17

This chapter in penguinz0 hunger games doesn’t follow book events. As the Victory Tour lasts, you return to District 4. You meet Finnick Odair, and composed examine and expel a wave of Mutts that have been attacking the district. Along the way, you learn how to make baskets from Mags, and how to lob tridents from Finnick. You also meet the scientist Theano, who is one of Finnick’s Capitol lovers, and her assistant Atilius.

Chapter 18

The Victory Tour has reached District 7. You begin by making a new crossbow for yourself with the help of Katniss. You then meet Blight, and help him print Conquest Tour banners. In the process, you make a short visit to District 3, in which you get help from Tungs and Plex who you met before, along with Wiress and Beetee. Finally, you meet Johanna Mason, and together you investigate toxic waste poisoning the District 7 forest, fight a forest fire, and replant afterward.

Chapter 19

This chapter takes place in District 3 again. Presumably the Victory Tour has reached that point. You start by helping Beetee develop and position investigation cameras to monitor Intermediary activity. You then help Wiress by acquiring and placing lights around the playground so it’s safer there when it gets dark. Finally you help Ether repair and install a new power generator for the community.

Chapter 20

You start by meeting Plutarch Heavensbee and lenny kravitz hunger games, and designing a new dress for Eurydice. You then travel with Caesar to District 12, help Gale and Ellis build and decorate a new hall for the Harvest Festival, and interview Mrs. Everdeen and Primrose. You conclude by presence President Snow’s victory party at the Capitol, before returning to District 12. Along the way you help Cinna design Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch’s outfits for the party, and fix Plutarch’s watch (which is presumably the Mockingjay styled one he shows Katniss.)

Chapter 21

You begin by arriving at District 12 for the Harvest Festival. You help Peeta bake a cake for the festival, help Cinna make Katniss’ cold weather dressand gloves, and help Katniss remove a tracker jacker invasion in the woods. You then meet new head Peacekeeper Romulus Thread, and reopen a mineshaft in District 12 with Ellis. You also help Cinna prepare and deliver Katniss’ wedding gowns. In response to Thread’s treatment of Gale, Lysander and Elena, and District 12 in general, you distribute food.

Last Showdown

You witness President Snow announce that the tributes for the Third Quarter Quell will be reaped from the existing victors. As a result, your secret contact directs you to Plutarch, who sends you to District 3 where you help Tungs and Beetee test a special high-conductivity wire (which is presumably the one Beetee uses in the arena.) You then help Plutarch test stations in the new training center, help Cinna design Katniss’.

Mockingjay dress and liam hemsworth hunger games, they help Gale make an evacuation center for District 12 in an old mine. Finally, you attend the reaping, ride the train to the Capitol, help make Haymitch’s gold bangle and Peeta’s gold photo medallion, and chance Claudius Templesmith who has you talk to the tributes for Caesar’s interview.


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