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Hunger Games Simulator For iPhone

Triology of Hunger Games Simulator For iPhone consist of the hunger games 3 cast, catching fire and mocking jay while different items including dystopian, political, science fiction and action adventures, fantasy, romance and survivor story.

 In districts all hunger games panem map produce beneficial goods according to the need of nation with poor conditions and less opportunities. By producing goods the Hunger Games Simulator For iPhone have unique identity among all.

About Hunger Games For iPhone

Utopia represents hunger games simulator has better societies and dystopia represent bad societies. Term utopia was firstly used in Thomas more’s book. Dystopia is actually form of utopia that present in worse form. Some people say that in Hunger Games Simulator For iPhone have both of them are nothing without each other and mocking jay while different items including dystopian, political, science fiction and action adventures, fantasy, romance and survivor story.

Some people say both of them are nothing without each other and some give opinion that they are not opposite to each other. Aspects in Hunger Games Simulator For iPhone can go wrong in many ways but right in only in way. Since dystopia is the only thing that separate among hunger games and others. But for children dystopia is explained very well. In everyone life their must be a little bit hope like little candle in darkness. Its beautiful to imagine a better world more than in which you are living.

Different Districts

In first 9 glimmer hunger games, peacekeepers contain all the tributes than in capitol arena so people can watch with a lot of comfort.

  • 10th  Hunger Games Simulator For iPhone provide four people which teach about games to others and arena was beautified by snake mutts.
  • 11th hunger game exciting features like food are provided for winning parties.
  • 25th hunger game election will be held in for tributes.
  • 38th Hunger Games Simulator For iPhone, these are not part of trilogy but capitol couture was exposed
  • 45th hunger game, hand of chaff was removed
  • 50th Hunger Games Simulator For iPhone, 2 boys and girls from district were selected and one girls was killed by her own axe
  • 62th hunger game, one tribute is killed by opening his throat  with her teeth.
  • 65th hunger game, awarded with knives and spears and victor at age of 14
  • 70th hunger game, flooding arena break the dam
  • 71st hunger game, victor being a clever and don’t show powers intentionally.

Hunger Games Districts

Hunger games peeta have a lot of districts and maps that have some visual aspects and have a lot of artifacts that designs the game.

Districts 1

  It is antagonist in two novels of hunger game. Jewelry and ornaments are produced by district 1 which help in making luxurious and impressive lifestyle. So the people become rich and train themselves to win competition of hunger games.

Districts 2

people produce materials that make cities strong and beautiful. By which cities are built. These talented people also produce weapons that are source of attraction for military. So, this pressing industry owned by district 2.

Districts 3

 People of district 3 were presented with innovative ideas . They produce hunger games watch all the technological gadgets that are cause of entertainment ranging from TV to computers and automobiles. They start  to learn the skills from very early age so they win against competitors.

Districts 4

Fishing is their primary industry. They have interest in food industry so they adopt this to maintain their wealthy lifestyle. They are also skilled in wielding and tying knots.

Districts 5

 It was geographically near to capitol. Their citizens provide electricity and power.

Districts 6

They produce transportation methods and means of transportation like hover craft and high speed trains. It is largest district but not wealthy as all other.

Districts 7

 They were expert in paper production and cutting trees for lumber and climbing trees.

Districts 8

  Not much influence on mutts from hunger games they were on average for both population and finance.

Districts 9

They have very crucial role by producing grains and providing people goods to eat.

Districts 10

It is smallest district of hunger game. It deals with slaughterhouses and provide meat. Livestock supplementary material is provided in the form of food.


They focus on agriculture industry and provide shelter and benefit to stanley tucci hunger games. They have dedication for coal mining. They deal with graphite mining and nuclear weapon.

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